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Celebrating Colombia

Toronto is an exciting and wonderful place to be.  The city is known for its diversity and multiculturalism.  Did you know that over 80% of local residents are originally from international countries?  What a great place to be at home away from home!


We recently celebrated one culture at the school.  The Team Colombia put on a fantastic presentation that not only provided high entertainment but was very educational, too.  The group tackled issues related to stereotypes, myths and gave us an idea of what the real Colombia is all about.  As the students watched, we learned everything from customs, tradition, food and of course, were given dancing lessons!  We could not have had more fun embracing this wonderful way of life.


When asked what is the most important thing for a traveller to know when going to Colombia, Jhonathan Zambrano Zambrano says, “You have to learn how to dance!  It’s the most important thing to know!  And when you greet someone, it’s important to really make them feel welcome.  A handshake and a hug –just be friendly!”  We want to thank the Team Colombia for producing this presentation for the whole school to experience.


Until next time, ciao!

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