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Bubble Tea Blog So imagine this. You arrive in Vancouver. You’re new. You’ve been studying English for a few weeks now and you and your friends have gone to all the usual places in the cities, you know, the ones everybody knows, and now, you want something new, fresh, unique, cool! Suddenly, out of nowhere,…

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  At Eurocentres Vancouver, we have a tradition of buying cake for our classmates and teachers on our birthday. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what kind of cake to buy, but fortunately Vancouver has a wide variety of cake shops. In fact, our teacher Sarah, who is from England, says that one of…

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Halloween at Eurocentres Vancouver


As per usual, Halloween was a day filled with fun, candy and excellent costumes. We started the celebration early with a traditional pumpkin carving activity in the lounge on the 26th where students carved Canadian grown pumpkins in pairs, groups or by themselves. For most, this would be their first time celebrating Halloween and they…

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October Activities – Vancouver

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    As it starts to get darker earlier and the rain becomes more frequent, Vancouverites bundle up and look for some fun autumn activities. Luckily our students don’t have to look any further than our October Activity Calendar! We’ll start off the month with a movie date with your fellow classmates and Senior Teacher…

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Ryan’s 10 year anniversary


  Eurocentres Vancouver recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of one of our amazing teachers, Ryan Chan. He has taught English at our school for more than 10 years! Ryan is known for his well-planned lessons, his perfectly tidy writing, and most of all for his incredible dedication to his students. Ryan not only helps…

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Graeme Rackham


  At our Vancouver school, we recently said farewell to our Director of Studies, Graeme Rackham. Graeme has worked at Eurocentres Vancouver for over six years as a teacher, activities coordinator, program director for the junior program at UBC, and finally Director of Studies at the downtown school. Graeme and his wife are about to…

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 Eurocentres Vancouver 1st Annual Amazing Race


    This August Eurocentres Vancouver held a very special event- our first annual Amazing Race. Students were paired in teams with no more than one person who spoke the same language as them and challenged to complete a set of tasks that tested not only their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, but…

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Extra English Practice at Eurocentres Vancouver


In addition to our student’s regular 20, 25 or 30 hour per week lessons, Eurocentres is proud to offer additional, specialized English classes taught by our highly qualified teachers. These classes help students gain extra speaking, reading, writing and listening practice as well as providing an oppourtunity to connect with their fellow classmates. The first…

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World Student Day 2016


  This year’s Languages Canada celebration of World Student Day took place on July 15th at Robson Square in Vancouver. Our students joined those from other English language schools as well as international students currently attending high schools and colleges in the Vancouver area to play games, listen to music, eat food and generally celebrate…

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Sun Run

Sun Run 1

  Two of our teachers and two of our admin staff are ready to go!  

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