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The purpose of this program is to provide you with the necessary English Language skills needed to successfully complete your career training program. You will gain a solid foundation, specializing in English for Academic Purposes. When you enrol in the Pathway Career & Co-op Program, you will take 12, 24, or 36 weeks of English language training in our Specialized Intensive or Specialized Super-Intensive Course, depending on your English Level. Upon successful completion of your English course, you will meet the English language requirements of our partner institutions (Sprott Shaw College, John Casablancas Institute or Evergreen College).


During the English language training part of the program, you will learn the skills necessary for academic success by studying and practicing contextual English. You will focus on: note-taking, lecture summarizing, research and presentation techniques, critical thinking skills, essay writing, examination techniques, tutorial and seminar participation, debating, and basic English skills (vocabulary, writing, speaking, and reading).

During the career training portion of your program you will have the opportunity to study at Sprott Shaw College and John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver or Evergreen College in Toronto.


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