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Extra English Practice at Eurocentres Vancouver


In addition to our student’s regular 20, 25 or 30 hour per week lessons, Eurocentres is proud to offer additional, specialized English classes taught by our highly qualified teachers. These classes help students gain extra speaking, reading, writing and listening practice as well as providing an oppourtunity to connect with their fellow classmates.

The first of these oppourtunities is Coversation Club, led by one of our senior teachers Ryan. This club is a great oppourtunity for students to not only practice their speaking under the supervision of a native English speaker, but also to interact with new friends at a nearby café.

In the past, we’ve also held our highly popular Pronunciation Power class. This one has actually become so popular that our Director of Studies has now made it a permanent elective option for student’s afternoon classes. Each lesson would focus on a few different sounds, allowing students to gain specialized training in some of those tricky English pronunciations.

For the first time this month we are also proud to offer a Canadian Culture Class where students can learn about the culture and history of their adopted country while sneaking in a few extra lessons. We already have a lot of students signed up and are excited to get this class up and running.

Finally, for those who want a little bit more of a relaxing atmosphere and to learn some less formal English, another of our senior teachers Mathew always leads Slang Class where he has the students laughing and practicing their Canadian slang.

Each of these classes is offered for free to the students and are scheduled on Wednesday or Friday afternoons after regular classes are completed. The sign up sheets are located at the front desk and students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

Also, make sure to keep your eye on our Activity Calendars to see what new and exciting classes will be offered each month.