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Ryan’s 10 year anniversary



Eurocentres Vancouver recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of one of our amazing teachers, Ryan Chan. He has taught English at our school for more than 10 years! Ryan is known for his well-planned lessons, his perfectly tidy writing, and most of all for his incredible dedication to his students.

Ryan not only helps students learn English grammar and improve their spoken English, but also helps them learn from the mistakes that they make so they can improve. His class is always a comfortable place for students to ask questions and learn. Ryan is our exams coordinator and helps students prepare for the difficult FCE and CAE exams, running regular practice exams in the weeks leading up to the test and helping students understand how to do their best.

Ryan loves to share Canadian content with his students, including the Rick Mercer Report, Tim Hortons French vanillas (not real coffee), and of course, hockey! He is the superstar in our annual hockey pool because he knows every player in the NHL.

Here is what some of Ryan’s students have to say about him:

“Ryan is very kind and always makes the atmosphere lively.”

“Ryan is my best teacher ever. He is well prepared and knowledgeable.”

“Ryan is an active person that cares about the English development of the students. I really feel comfortable with him because he is interested in his job.”

“Ryan gets to know students so he can answer our questions and problems in a more personal and understandable way. Even if it isn’t in class, he takes care of us.”

Congratulations, Ryan, on your 10 years with Eurocentres Vancouver! Thank you for all of your wonderful care and hard work.