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Toronto is Canada’s largest city with over 5 million people in the Greater Toronto Area.  The city is always changing.  Older buildings are torn down and new ones erected.  One of our classes got a chance to speak to some people about these changes and got a chance to know where they live a little better.

“Today’s class involved going outside the school to explore the city of Toronto a little bit more.  We were assigned tasks that involved speaking to locals about famous tourist places and get more information, such as historic, cultural value and fun facts about the buildings that surround our school and the neighbourhood.  Did you that Lightning strikes the CN Tower on average of 75 times per year? There are long copper strips that run down the CN Tower to grounding rods buried below ground to prevent damage to the structure.  Overall, everyone was very helpful and it gave us a chance to get to know fun things about this city. It was a very fun exercise and we are looking forward to our next excursion so we can get to know more hot spots around town.” -Submitted by Dural Mihci (Turkey)