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Welcome to Eurocentres Vancouver!


When you arrive at 815 West Hastings Street on your first day, come up to the second floor. That’s where the school is.



When you arrive, we will ask you for your name, passport and medical insurance information. We will take you passport and medical information but don’t worry! We will give it back later on Monday morning.

You can then wait on the sofas until assessment begins.


There are three kinds of assessment on your first day:

A teacher will talk to you – this is your speaking assessment.



You will do a test on the computer – this is your grammar and listening assessment.


Finally, you will write a little information about yourself – this is your writing assessment.

Some people finish the assessments quickly and some finish them more slowly, so we wait until everyone has finished before we do our orientation.



Orientation is a time when you receive information about your classes, the school, and life in Vancouver. At the end of orientation, we will give back your passport and insurance documents and show you around the local area.

You will also get the chance to meet the other new students and start international friendships that will last a lifetime.

After that, you have time to get some lunch and relax until your classes begin at 1.40.


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