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Vancouver’s 1st Annual Amazing Race




This August Eurocentres Vancouver held a very special event- our first annual Amazing Race. Students were paired in teams with no more than one person who spoke the same language as them and challenged to complete a set of tasks that tested not only their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, but also their creativity and knowledge of downtown Vancouver. Special emphasis was put on placing students on teams with those who are graduating at similar times in order to foster new and long term friendships.

As Eurocentres Vancouver could unfortunately not fly our students around the world, they had to explore each country within our city and were able to see how multicultural Vancouver really is. The students headed to Italy via a gelato shop to complete one of their tasks, China via Chinatown to take fun pictures for some of their other tasks and then put their speaking to the test when they went to Mexico, Japan and Vietnam on Robson Street where they had to find restaurants serving each type of cuisine and then ask the owners about their favourite dishes. Following the format of the Amazing Race TV show, there were Detours and Roadblocks along the way and the entire race was timed.

After a few hours of running around the city, each team returned back to Eurocentres for their points to be counted and to obtain their prizes. A big congratulations to our first place team comprised of Masahiro from Japan, Hsiao-Ching from Taiwan and Yoona from Korea. They won tickets to go up to the Vancouver Lookout Observation Tower for a 360° view of Vancouver. Our second place team of Gil Seong and Sejeong from Korea and Luisa from Brazil narrowly missed a first place victory and won tickets to Vancouver’s speciality doughnut shop Cartem ’s. Leonardo from Colombia, Gabriela from Brazil and Naoya from Japan came third and were recipients of some fun traditional maple candies.

The Amazing Race was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon and all teams competed hard, practiced great sportsmanship and demonstrated their abilities in a wide variety of situations. Congratulations to all who competed and we look forward to an even bigger and better event next summer!


Amazing Race #1 DSC_7710