Our Blog- March 2016

Celebrating Colombia


Toronto is an exciting and wonderful place to be.  The city is known for its diversity and multiculturalism.  Did you know that over 80% of local residents are originally from international countries?  What a great place to be at home away from home! We recently celebrated one culture at the school.  The Team Colombia put…

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Gotta love the San Diego Padres

A popular activity that we had for the students, is going to a baseball game. San Diego is known for its great baseball stadium which was built not long ago. We take students to the games, explain the rules of the game as well as some vocabulary and idioms associated to baseball. Many of the…

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San Diego Zoo

San Diego’s world famous zoo is a must see for anyone who comes to San Diego. We take a group of new students together to see all of the animals that the San Diego Zoo has. They enjoy taking pictures, seeing animals that they had never seen before as well as spending time with each…

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Dine out in San Diego

Since the weather is great almost all year round and there are people from all over the world living in San Diego. Every month there is a restaurant day where the students vote on a new restaurant to try. In these pictures the students chose to go to a restaurant right by the beach which…

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Potluck Party at the Toronto Campus


Oh my, I’m so starving! Perfert timing! We’ve come back to our potluck party and it was amazing! Look at all the international food you brought! We all got a chance to try cuisine from around the world -an experience not many people can boast about so we were very lucky. Thank you for bringing…

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Canucks game at Rogers Arena

cunacks 1

Last Friday, we went to watch a Canucks game at Rogers Arena. Even though the Canucks lost, we all had a great time. They were losing 4-1, but scored 2 goals in the last few minutes to make it 4-3. It was a really exciting game! But everyone’s favorite part was seeing a real hockey…

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