Our Blog- September 2016

Algonquin Park Overnight Camping Trip


  Some students took a trip three hours north of Toronto to visit Algonquin Park. They slept in tents, cooked their meals outside and saw some beautiful Canadian wilderness. Living and studying in Toronto is a wonderful Canadian experience where students can meet new people and take advantage of Canada’s multiculturalism but taking a trip…

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Graeme Rackham


  At our Vancouver school, we recently said farewell to our Director of Studies, Graeme Rackham. Graeme has worked at Eurocentres Vancouver for over six years as a teacher, activities coordinator, program director for the junior program at UBC, and finally Director of Studies at the downtown school. Graeme and his wife are about to…

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Coming to study English at Eurocentres Toronto was a big deal for Yassin. He came as an absolute beginner and after 36 weeks, graduated with a level 6. Congratulations Yassin! His progress has been about a level a month.   However, more surprising and more interesting is Yassin’s after school and weekend activities. Yassin is…

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Toronto IELTS Test-Takers Successes


      Teachers, staff and students alike are proud of our fantastic IELTS program! Over a thousand students have taken the International English Language Testing System test at our centre in the last year, including dozens from our classes. The majority of them achieved their academic goals and desired scores; some after multiple attempts, some…

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A Very Special Student


    All ESL students have stories to tell. But some have incredible life stories that are so far from the norm, they have to be shared. We at Eurocentres Toronto are honored to tell you about one, not so ordinary student who came to us 7 weeks ago to improve his English skills. This…

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Yoga in Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park

    On Friday afternoon Mayuko in my Intermediate Upper Intermediate A class informed the group that over the long weekend she would be attending a free yoga class at 10:30AM in Lawrence Park on the north east side of Toronto. Mayuko had been attending the classes all summer and recommended it as a great…

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Mission San Diego


  In August, we improved our English learning through San Diego history! Mission San Diego is the oldest of all the California Missions. Built in 1769, it was founded before the United States was even a country. The Missions were built to provide food and shelter to travellers and people suffering from poverty. Going to…

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Summer party

Summer Party Toronto 2

    This year’s Annual Summer Party took place at one of Toronto’s famous and beautiful beaches, Sunnyside Park.  The turnout was really good as we had a lot of students make the trek to the west end of the city and south of Toronto’s largest urban park, High Park.  We had more food than…

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Vancouver’s 1st Annual Amazing Race


    This August Eurocentres Vancouver held a very special event- our first annual Amazing Race. Students were paired in teams with no more than one person who spoke the same language as them and challenged to complete a set of tasks that tested not only their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, but…

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