Our Blog- September 2017

Colour Run

How could it be possible to make the colours of summer in Vancouver more amazing? Throw in some coloured powder, of course! Our summer junior students participated in a colour run and came out even more vibrant than before. If running isn’t your favourite thing, no need to worry! Walking the course is just as…

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August 30th: Let’s Go to the Ex!

To kick-start Canada’s last long holiday weekend of summer 2017 (September 2nd – 4th), eight Eurocentres Toronto students from both South Korea and Japan attended the Canadian National Exhibition (or CNE for short). Perhaps you didn’t hear that the CNE was celebrating its 138th year in Toronto (pronounced “Toronno” not “Tor-ahn-toe”)! Or that it is…

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Testimonial: Jose Carlos Cortez Ricopa

My name is Jose and I would like to tell you my story regarding the path I have followed to fulfill my dream. I am Peruvian and my life back there was great but my desire to achieve international recognition pushed me to take my education to the next level here in Canada. This country…

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Vancouver Water Sports

One of the best things about Vancouver is that you can do so many different types of activities, like water sports! Whether you’re looking for an adventurous sport or a leisurely swim, Vancouver has it all! Kayaking and paddle boarding are some of the most popular things to do out on the water in the summer…

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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most famous natural beauties in the world for a good reason! Some of our junior students this summer took a trip traveling through the mountains all the way from Vancouver to Banff. Banff is one of the most famous mountain town in the Canadian Rockies – famous for…

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