Our Blog- December 2018

Victor and Anna Maria from Brazil

For this blog we would like to introduce a very happily married couple called Victor and Anna Maria from Brazil. Victor studied with us for just 1 month and Anna Maria came for just 2 weeks. Although their time was short, they agreed to make a short video testimony (see it on our Instagram: Oxford…

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Winter Activites in Vancouver

Now that winter has arrived in Vancouver, there are lots of fun activities to do around town. Getting out and finding something fun to do is always easy this time of year. One of the most popular is outdoor ice skating at the Robson Square ice rink, which is a short walk from the school….

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Returning to Canada for a Toronto student was as great the second time as it was the first.

    Daniel was in his sixth semester at Monterrey University studying Industrial Design when he decided that he would need English to really make headway in his profession. And so, during a semester break instead of returning home to Mexico City to be with family or partying with friends, he registered at Eurocentres Toronto…

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