Our Blog- April 2019

Get Reading!

GET READING! Spring has arrived in Vancouver, and while temperatures are turning warmer, sunny days are still hard to find.  The term “April showers” is still very prominent at this time, and people continue to grumble that there is nothing to do outside of home. Or is there? Grab an umbrella and head for the…

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A letter to my Cambridge Teacher

Dear Mandy,  How are you?  I’m definitely on cloud nine ’cause I’ve got a job, yeeeahhhh… it was difficult though. On the other hand, it’s taken me only 4 days  (the process was soo quick).  Firstly, I reached an agency in Poland since they had posted on FB about some vacancies in the UK. They…

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EDLINK visiting from Thailand

Here in San Diego we’ve been gearing up, getting out, and experiencing the excitement of exploring San Diego with our group EDLINK visiting from Thailand.  They will be here for 4 weeks visiting all the wonderful sites in San Diego including museums, beaches, Balboa park and the Midway.   They are headed out this weekend  for…

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Donuts in Vancouver!

Do you like donuts? If not, what’s wrong with you? They’re deep-fried and delicious. And did you know Canadians eat more donuts than any other nation in the world? But, there is wide range of donuts, from decent to amazing. Today, I’ll introduce you to some of the options you have in Vancouver when choosing…

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