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A letter to my Cambridge Teacher

Dear Mandy, 

How are you? 

I’m definitely on cloud nine ’cause I’ve got a job, yeeeahhhh… it was difficult though. On the other hand, it’s taken me only 4 days  (the process was soo quick).

 Firstly, I reached an agency in Poland since they had posted on FB about some vacancies in the UK. They asked me information about my profile. Then the same day, I had to take the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT), which is divided into listening and reading parts. You can find more information right here if you’re interested:

Although it was extremely difficult and lasted around 45 – 60 minutes, I scored 100%. NO mistakes at all. The reading part was an academic one, really challenging, and it was about birds… Not only were there C2 words but also metaphors. At first glance, I thought that the bulk of answers that had been given were incorrect but then when I got the results, I was sooo proud of myself and extremely overjoyed. It’s blatantly obvious that I definitely have to thank you if I’ve reached this level and developed these skills.

Secondly, an English native speaker, who works in an agency in England, had contacted me to test my communication skills. It turned out that she chose me to get priority during the assessment day with the hospital. Finally, this morning I had the job interview with the NHS Trust Hospital with 2 women. It lasted only 8 minutes. They asked me information about the hospital, about clinical situations and how I would manage particular team dynamics as well. After that, around 2 pm, a Swiss administrator told me that I’ve got the job in an Emergency Room in the East Kent region in the UK.

Jasmin and her teacher Mandy

 Moreover, they offered me free accommodation for 3 months, free flight ticket, a taxi will pick me up at the airport, free IELTS or English Occupational Test course. In addition, they will cover the fees for the exam and the accreditation. I could not ask for more, right?  So basically, I’ll start to work in the Emergency Department for 3 days as a HealthCare Assistant (or something similar) and for 2 days I’ll attend English classes. As soon as I get the score that is being required, I can work as a nurse. Yeah, sooo I’m so happyyy.. it’s my golden opportunity. 

 To conclude, I’d like to thank you ‘cause you played a central role in all of this, thank you thank you thank you. You’re the best one ;)

 take care,