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Annual Halloween Bash at Toronto

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year. People get dressed up and go out at night knocking on doors asking for candy. The words “Trick or Treat!” can be heard throughout the night in Toronto.
The Eurocentres Toronto Annual Halloween Bash was another successful turnout! Many students got dressed up and stayed in full character throughout the day. The teachers and staff exchanged scary greetings with students and vice-versa. There were some very cute costumes (Shoko the Squirrel) and strange costumes (Yuta as Mrs. Clown). Our school was a riot that day!

We continued the celebrations with a Costume Contest and awarded some fabulous prizes to some very unique categories, including:

Scariest Costume: Fillipo (Freddy from Friday the 13th)
Sweetest Costume: Shoko (Cute Squirrel)
Funniest Costume: Yuta (Mrs. Clown)
Most Original Costume: Ricardo (Unstable Genius)
Best Make-Up: Danae (Simba, The Lion King!)
Best Adapted Costume: Shuchiro (Agent J, Men In Black)
Most In-Character: Yuta (Mrs. Clown)
Best Class Costume: Anna’s IELTS A Class

Jelly Bean Count Winner: Hamza Ekin (110)








Teachers and Staff Photo:

Our teachers and staff wish everyone a safe and adventurous Halloween 2017! Stay tuned for updates on all of the exciting fun with Eurocentres Toronto!
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