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August 30th: Let’s Go to the Ex!

To kick-start Canada’s last long holiday weekend of summer 2017 (September 2nd – 4th), eight Eurocentres Toronto students from both South Korea and Japan attended the Canadian National Exhibition (or CNE for short).

Perhaps you didn’t hear that the CNE was celebrating its 138th year in Toronto (pronounced “Toronno” not “Tor-ahn-toe”)!

Or that it is still “one of the 10 largest fairs in North America?”

The CNE – fondly nicknamed by us Torontonians as “the EX”- is an annual community event that only sticks around for a limited time – a mere 18 days!

And guess what? If you arrrive after 5pm (17:00) like we did, you only pay an $8 admission charge (1/2 off the regular price). That’s a cool savings of four loonies and two toonies!

Our polite and fun international group entered the EX through the main east side guest entrance otherwise known as the “Princes’ Gates” (often mispronounced as the “Princess Gates”) built in 1926. So beautiful!

Highlights of this summer’s exhibition included live entertainment, musical performances, an international food court, amusement rides, market places and a whole lotta (wide selection of) games and prizes!

In fact, Shoko and Ms. D each played for free at one of the CNE’s many booths and won in darts! Lucky pair!

And what were our winnings? Two complimentary admission tickets to Toronto’s upcoming International Boat Show – for those keeping track that’s an additional savings of $40 CAD = 36,514.32 KRW (South Korean Won) or 3,545.22 JPY (Japanese Yen).

But before the big wins even happened, the Eurocentres Toronto students caught an early evening performance called Aquarama down by the CNE’s waterfront. The “Skee School” truly amazed us as well as the rest of the audience with a highly entertaining 30-minute water show of “flips and tricks on skis, wakeboards, fly-boards” and more!

Afterwards, we ended up sightseeing – walking around the exciting fairgrounds heading in the direction of the Dufferin Gates exit (see map of CNE).

The EX has been dubbed “a showcase of the nation.” We all had a good time together there – another special #Canada150 memory thanks to Eurocentres Toronto!