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Bluffer’s Park Beach!

This past week (September 4th – 8th), a group of Eurocentres Toronto students had a somewhat unusual opportunity to learn English in “real-time”.
You see, Ms. D’s Upper Intermediate class had just begun a new chapter (unit 11) and the main topic of the lesson was on SEVERE WEATHER – yup, you guessed it! – the unpleasant, violent kind that includes earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods plus droughts. In other words, Mother Nature at her worst!

How timely (from a teacher’s perspective) given the recent news in America concerning Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Even the students noticed and agreed!
One of the several textbook exercises introduced the class to strong weather collocations, for example, brilliant sunshine, rough sea, angry-looking clouds, scattered showers, gale-force winds – vocabulary which we all had fun practicing especially with spelling and pronunciation.
A listening activity with a focus on multiple choice situations generated a lively class discussion on differences between British and Canadian English as well as the definitions of words such as city center, the countryside, outskirts and suburbs.

Fast-forward to Eurocentres’ Social Club activity that took place on Friday, September 8th – an excursion to the unique Bluffer’s Park Beach in Scarborough, Ontario.
While waiting for the 12C bus, Masa (a clever student from Japan), remarked upon the weather and said “it is a brilliant sunshine and there are no gale-force winds.” We all had a good laugh! He also wondered if the park was on the outskirts of the city since we took the TTC to Victoria Park station which is quite a ways away from Eurocentres awesome location in the heart of downtown Toronto!

A good time was had by all as we ventured through the beautiful park, walked along the beach and enjoyed the view of the calm lake and overcast sky!
Another special #Canada150 memory thanks to Eurocentres Toronto!