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So imagine this. You arrive in Vancouver. You’re new. You’ve been studying English for a few weeks now and you and your friends have gone to all the usual places in the cities, you know, the ones everybody knows, and now, you want something new, fresh, unique, cool! Suddenly, out of nowhere, another student walks by, and what’s that in their hand? It’s milky with little black balls at the bottom and has a huge straw in it. What could it be? Well my friend, that is a cool and refreshing drink we like to call “Bubble tea.”



Milk, mooo

Tea, yes mum

Sugar, yay!

Bubbles, a chewy ball made from tapioca flour, ask a Brazilian what tapioca is.

Wikipedia explains that this drink was first created in a sleepy little town called Taichung in Taiwan.


Where can I get it?

Well, there a number of places to try bubble tea in downtown Vancouver.

Here are the top 3:


Moii Café

2559 Cambie Street

Friendly Japanese and Taiwanese staff in a cozy café.

Bubble Tea Score: 4/5 bubbles (good variety of flavours and you can create your own)


Co Co Fresh Tea & Juice

609 West Pender Street

Bubble Tea Score: 4/5 bubbles (good quality bubble tea, but less variety. Try the regular bubble tea.)


Bubble World

1325 Robson St

Bubble Tea Score: 4/5 bubbles (wide choices of bubble tea flavors. Great matcha red bean milk tea)


If you haven’t tried bubble tea before, you definitely should. If you find you don’t like it, at least you can say you tried it and spit out the bubbles XD



There are a variety of other shops available in Vancouver. Check them out.


Yaya’s Cafe & Bubble Tea

4.4  (16) · Tea House

Neighbourhood option for coffee & flavoured teas with tapioca pearls plus breakfast & light bites.

Vancouver, BC


The Bubble Tea Shop

4.3  (32) · Bubble Tea

Vancouver, BC

Cosy · Casual · Good for kids


Morning Star Bubble Tea

4.2  (7) · Restaurant

North Vancouver, BC

Casual · Good for kids


E Tea Bubble Tea Restaurant

3.3  (43) · Restaurant

Vancouver, BC

Casual · Good for kids · Groups


Dragon Ball Tea House

4.2  (113) · Tea Store

Vancouver, BC


Sunflower Bubble Tea

3.4  (22) · Restaurant

Vancouver, BC

Casual · Good for kids · Groups


Little Bubble Tea House

3.8  (6) · Tea House

Vancouver, BC

Casual · Good for kids



3.9  (82) · Bubble Tea

Vancouver, BC

Casual · Good for kids