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At Eurocentres Vancouver, we have a tradition of buying cake for our classmates and teachers on our birthday. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what kind of cake to buy, but fortunately Vancouver has a wide variety of cake shops. In fact, our teacher Sarah, who is from England, says that one of her favorite things about living in Vancouver is the cake selection.


The closest places to Eurocentres to buy cakes are Trees Organic and Meinhardt, both around 5 minutes on foot from the school. Trees has many delicious cheesecakes, while Meinhardt has good chocolate cakes.


A little further away is Purebread, on the same street as the school but about 10 minutes away. It carries a wide selection of pastries and smaller tortes. Another option is Breka. It has two locations downtown.


If you prefer ice cream, one of the world’s best ice cream shops is Bella Gelateria, just around the corner from our school. It has won many international awards and also sells ice cream cakes. So on your birthday or graduation day, why not stop by one of these shops and surprise your friends with a present that will make them remember you forever?