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Canada, Mexico & Veronika


We all know that Canada and Mexico have strong ties politically, economically and educationally. Last month, Nadya, the Centre Manager of the Toronto school, participated in student fair in wonderful Mexico City.

She was there to promote the UIC junior summer English courses that are being held this year at the University of Toronto – Scarborough.  Nadya was happy to meet prospective students who want to learn Canadian English and their parents. It gave her the opportunity to practice her Spanish and demonstrate the value of learning a second language.

While parents want their children to learn English, the students were more interested in having fun. The UIC summer camp promises both. The English lessons will be instructive and relevant to students aged 12 -17 years which will then be followed by exciting activities and adventures, exploring Toronto and the surrounding areas.

The highlight of Nadya’s Mexican trip was meeting up with Veronika Martinez, a former Eurocentres Toronto student. Veronika helped Nadya for the weekend long event and told the parents about the “best English school in Toronto”. Veronika also brought her mother to meet Nadya because studying English at Eurocentres changed Veronika’s life and their family was thankful to the staff and teachers for all that was done for Veronika.

When Veronika came to Canada in 2015 she knew no English. Veronika learned how to speak and write.  Doing a Business English course and learning English as a foreign language was really important for Veronika’s career plans. She had wanted to work for an international pharmaceutical company when she returned to Mexico, but she knew she had to study an intensive language course in Toronto if she wanted to excel.

Today Veronika’s dream job has come true. She is working at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.  She attributes her getting the job to the language course at Eurocentres Toronto because English was a requirement at her interview.

Nadya and Veronika went to fabulous Mexican restaurant one night where they dined on Mexican specialities. Their favourite was the aguachile. Bon provecho!

We are happy that our graduate Veronika is doing so well and pursuing her dream. It was our pleasure helping her pursue her dream.