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CONGRATULATIONS – 10 years teaching at the Toronto Campus

Eurocentres teachers are highly qualified professionals, delivering interesting, informative and engaging lessons and providing support academically, socially and emotionally to their students. They are one of our most valuable resources who make a difference in the lives of our students and to the school.

We are delighted to congratulate two very special Eurocentres employees; Anna Stevenson and Byron Chan who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with Eurocentres Toronto.


Anna is invaluable! Her students, past and present, attest to her skills and ability for helping them achieve their goals. And as a member of staff, Anna is a mentor to new teachers, offering her wealthy of knowledge about resources.

Like any good teacher, Anna is comfortable teaching all levels and all types of classes. However, she now specializes teaching IELTS and academic English.  Students can’t wait to get into her classes. She is well-informed and loves to discuss current events, using the newspaper as a great jumping off point for discussions.

Interesting Facts about Anna:

When not devoting her time to teaching, Anna loves exotic food and travel, and during the summer spends her weekends at her family’s cottage.

Anna rides her bicycle to work in rain or shine and during the winter, she is also a road warrior.

Anna’s great grandfather was Frans Johnston; a member of the famous Canadian Group of Seven painters.

Her nephew, Brett Rheeder is one of the world’s most decorated riders in Slopestyle Mountain biking.

The best way to Anna’s heart – white chocolate!



Byron started teaching with us in in the elementary level classes because of his abundant patience and methodological approach to everything he does.

Byron has worn many hats during his time with Eurocentres Toronto. He was the Exams Coordinator responsible for preparing students to excel in the FCE or CAE, TOEFL and TOEIC. Byron is also an extraordinary photographer having photographed many weddings and for the school as much of his work is seen in our brochures. Finally, Byron became the Director of Studies at Eurocentres Toronto. He is thorough and cares deeply about the school and welfare of all students.

When Byron is not at work, he is devoted to his Australian wife Sandy and their two young sons: Hunter and Jesse. Becoming a father really increased Byron’s patience.

Byron’s love of his motorcycles and all environmentally-friendly cars can only be surpassed by his love of sweet foods.

Interesting facts about Byron:

Byron has always dreamed of being an opera singer or 1st violinist in an orchestra, but in truth, has very little musical talent.

The best way to Byron’s heart is giving him chocolate and cake, especially chocolate cake!