Basic 20

Ideal for general purposes and for those who like to mix class time and self-study. Each language course is based on the Basic (Core Program) Course of 20 morning lessons per week. The Basic Course develops all aspects of your language competence in a personalized program coordinated by your core teacher. Courses integrate grammatical structures and functions, guided conversations, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary, in order to advance your communicative competency in all skill areas and to ensure a balance of fluency and accuracy. It includes 2-3 Study Club sessions per week plus 5 hours self-study in the Learning Centre.

Course Summary

Course Length

1 Week - 52 Weeks

Entry Levels

1 - 10

Start Dates

Every Monday (or Tuesdays, when Monday is a public holiday)

Average Class Size


Minimum Age


Basic 20

Schools offering
Basic 20