Elective Courses

Our students build on their Basic (Core Program) Course with 5 or 10 specialized lessons per week and develop the specific linguistic skills they require. They can upgrade their course from Basic to Specialized Intensive or Specialized Super-Intensive at any time by adding a Specialized (Elective) Class. A Specialized (Elective) Class can also be taken by itself as a stand alone course (subject to availability). (Course availability depends on demand)

Elective Course Options

Fluency (General English)

Our Fluency elective course focuses on useful, everyday English vocabulary. Students practice speaking and listening skills in a comfortable, conversational atmosphere. There is also a cultural element to the course, helping students to feel more comfortable in all aspects of Canadian society. Students with a strong grammatical background find this course especially useful as they have the perfect environment to put their knowledge into practice. Those who work or study using English, or intend to in the future, find that the skills learned here help in real life situations. Available to students at all levels.

Academic Writing and Speaking

Studying at a University or College in Canada and the USA requires a high level of ability and confidence with English in both writing and speaking. The Academic Writing & Speaking elective option helps students prepare for Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL exams or the University/College Pathway Program by helping them to develop their written essay, composition and discourse skills. This elective is perfect for any student who seeks to improve their English production skills as they will also work on their presentation and discussion skills. Available to students Levels 4–10

Academic Reading and Writing

This course is tailored toward students who wish for more practice in writing and reading academic essays in preparation for higher education. Our professional instructors ensure that each student's academic aims are met through weekly assessments and feedback. Students are challenged with both reading and writing assignments from authentic academic materials. Available to students Levels 4–10

Exam Skills

Our Exam Skills course will help students develop key skills tested in the IELTS, FCE , CAE and TOEFL exams. Students will be prepared for the exams through a combination of language skills training and exam practice. Each week is based on a relevant topic area, allowing students to build up experience of a range of topics covered in the exams. Our knowledgeable staff will help you become familiar with the structure of the exam as well as teach you the necessary skills, vocabulary and grammar to succeed. Available to students at Levels 4-10 IELTS Test Dates: Weekly

Business English & TOEIC

Our highly developed Business English curriculum combines the best in academic Business knowledge with everyday business practice. A perfect blend of task-based learning and skill focus, the Elective also accommodates those interested in the TOEIC Exam, which is used to measure English in everyday work activities. Learn the all-important vocabulary and master the skills necessary for achieving a high score on the TOEIC test. Our instructors will guide you according to your priorities in a course which improves English for professional purposes. Available to students at Levels 2-10 TOEIC Test Dates: Monthly

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