Premier Course

The ideal course for combining class-based instruction with private lessons in a comprehensive program that focuses on your individual needs. It includes 2-3* private sessions per week plus 5 hours of self-study in the Learning Centre.


*25 lessons per week  + 3 private or 30 lessons per week + 2 private x 50-minute lessons per week


25  General English Lessons per week

General English is divided into 2 categories; Language Development and English Skills. Language Development targets grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation – the foundation for learning English as a second, or other language. English Skills targets the process of communication in all its forms: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Language is acquired through the Action Oriented Approach and we use a team teaching style in order to maximize the learning potential.


5  Elective Lessons per week

Students choose from a variety of elective class options specializing in Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC/Business English, Fluency (Language Activation) and Academic Writing & Speaking.


5 Specialized Elective Lessons per week (Academic Preparation)

We have identified grammar, writing and vocabulary as key growth areas for our students. With the goal of attending a Canadian college or university in mind, we have designed a specialized elective called Academic Preparation that targets these aspects of language learning.


Private Lessons

2 or 3 50 minute long private lessons per week


One-to-One Feedback Sessions

Students receive individual one-to-one feedback sessions every Friday, where they receive information on their strengths and growth areas, as well as suggestions for self-study.


Study Club Lessons (2-3 per week)

Conversation, group work and grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation practice with a teacher is the primary focus of the Study Club.


Learning Centre and Self-Study (5 hours per week)

The Learning Centre provides students with resources such as grammar and vocabulary books which they may borrow from our library. Students have the opportunity to work independently or in groups to fine tune their English skills and to practice their language skills using our online my.Eurocentres program.


Ongoing Assessment and Regular Practice Exams

In addition to quizzes and tests given on specific material in class, students are given regular listening and speaking assessments (AIM – every 2 weeks) and diagnostic grammar tests (Itembanker – every 4 weeks, in the student’s last week and upon student request). Students are given the opportunity to take practice IETLS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge exams. The Director of Studies meets with students one-on-one for academic counseling, extra work targeting growth areas and the creation and implementation of individual study plans.


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Premier Course