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Donuts in Vancouver!

Cartem’s Donuts

Do you like donuts? If not, what’s wrong with you? They’re deep-fried and delicious. And did you know Canadians eat more donuts than any other nation in the world? But, there is wide range of donuts, from decent to amazing. Today, I’ll introduce you to some of the options you have in Vancouver when choosing a place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Almost everyone knows Tim Horton’s. They’re a famous Canadian company named after a hockey player, and their stores are everywhere. They have the cheapest donuts, but to be honest, not the best quality. If you need to buy donuts for someone you’re not really close to, or need to feed a large office, a box of timbits is acceptable. Timbits are balls of fried donut dough.

There is a better donut shop in downtown Vancouver. It’s called Cartems, and it’s located about 10 minutes on foot from our Vancouver school. It has creative flavours like Smoked Maple Walnut and a London Fog stuffy (stuffed donut). Every month, they have different special flavours. This month, all the donuts taste like pies. They have Pecan, Cherry Lime, and Chocolate Banana flavors. The best flavour they ever had was a Key Lime Cheesecake stuffy. If you go to Cartems, tell them to bring back that flavour. They also had a Strawberry Compote stuffy, but that one had no flavour. Do not mention this donut if you go there.

Honey Doughnuts is perhaps the most famous donut shop in Vancouver. They are located in Deep Cove, in North Vancouver. Many celebrities who come to Vancouver love these donuts, but they don’t have a wide selection of flavours, and their donuts sell out quickly, so make sure you don’t go there too late!

Lucky’s Doughnuts is another shop, located inside 49th Parallel Cafe. They have even more flavours than Cartems, some of which might sound unusual like the Apple Bacon fritter. But all of them are delicious, so make you try as many as you can.

Finally, Dipped Doughnuts doesn’t have a physical location, but they do deliver delicious donuts downtown. They’re also vegan, if you care about that kind of thing.

So don’t worry about your weight and try a donut. And make sure to bring one back for your teacher!

Honey’s Donuts