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Toronto Takes a Stab at Pumpkin Carving

Every Halloween, Canadians take part in the very popular tradition of pumpkin carving. People buy pumpkins and carve scary faces and ghoulish images on them and usually illuminate them with tea lights. For many Eurocentres Toronto students, this was the first time they carved a pumpkin, which made our pumpkin carving contest all the more exciting for the entire school!

Three teams took part in the contest: The Soul Crushers, The Exorcists, and The Last Samurai. Students first looked for inspiration on Google, and then worked together to come up with a design. When it came to taking out the seeds, some students used a spoon whereas others stuck their bare hands inside and removed the contents, which felt like slime! Then it was time to carve their masterpieces. The team members took turns carving out eyes, mouths and noses.

Not only did the pumpkins turn out great, but they were all very creative and reflective of each team’s personality.
The pumpkins are now standing on the front desk, greeting students in the morning. Almost every student has stopped to look at the pumpkins with some even taking a few selfies! It’s impossible to pass the front desk without noticing them. The most important part, however, is that all the students had fun making their masterpieces!