Eurocentres Success System

Scale of Proficiency

The Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency is a standardized English proficiency scale which can be an accurate reference to many other popular language proficiency tests around the world. It is posted in every classroom and students are given a detailed explanation of the scale on their first day. By following this, students are able to fully understand their individual skill levels and can communicate effectively with their teachers regarding their specific goals and also how we can most effectively help students to achieve them. (Scale of Proficiency)



Individual Support & Specialization

Individual Support
In addition to a proven instructional methodology and a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum, optimum personalized support is one of Eurocentres Canada’s seals of distinction. Our qualified team of professionals is committed to the success of all of our students. We go above and beyond to ensure students’ needs, both inside and outside the classroom, are met. Our personalized Action Oriented Approach allows students to focus on areas they identify as important while giving them a thorough program of studies with a mix of cooperative, individualized and specialized language learning opportunities. The Eurocentres Success System ensures that every student’s needs are taken into account in every aspect of their program.


  • Personal interview in addition to the level test
  • Personal feedback and recommendations for self-study
  • First week questionnaire for students’ direct input


  • Clear learning goals identified and discussed each week
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with core teacher
  • Small class sizes (Average 12-13 students)
  • Regular testing in both grammar, listening and speaking
  • Continuous monitoring of learning progress and diagnostic feedback
  • Teachers available for one-on-one counseling


  • Analysis based on level test with on-site resources to target individual growth areas
  • Weekly self-study recommendations
  • 2-3 Study Club sessions with a teacher
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  • Well-stocked Learning Centre
  • Free worksheets to focus on individual weaknesses
  • Academic counseling


  • On-site Accommodations Coordinator
  • Weekly check-ins with core teacher


  • Free weekly activity
  • Up-to-date information on local events
  • Jam-packed Activity and Social calendar
  • Conversation oriented activities included
  • Support for booking excursions and trips outside the school

Final Week

  • Final Week Questionnaire for your feedback and evaluation on all aspects of our services
  • Comprehensive certificate with a break down of levels in all areas

In addition to our Basic (Core Program) Course, there are many elective classes to choose from. With consistent communication and feedback, we can work together with students to customize and focus their programs to fully meet their needs. Optional subjects include Business English, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC, IETLS, Academic Writing & Speaking, Language Activation (Fluency) and Academic Preparation for our Academic Premier students.



Teachers & Methodology

Our teachers have the highest academic standards. All of our teachers are accredited by Languages Canada and are experienced at teaching international students both in Canada and abroad. They are also trained on the Eurocentres Success System and participate in regular professional development seminars to ensure up-to-date, high quality teaching skills.

Varied and systematic teaching plans incorporate both the Eurocentres Curriculum and students’ learning needs to maximize student progress. Teachers use a comprehensive and detailed list of key language aims and learning outcomes for each level, and a variety of time-tested resources to provide structured, yet flexible lesson plans that combine with our Action Oriented Approach to provide students with the practice they need to fully acquire the language. Knowing a language (Language Resources) and knowing how to use a language (Language Use) are the key components to our teachers’ planning strategies, enabling them to target both fluency and accuracy and support students in achieving communicative self-expression. We use a Team Teaching structure to optimize learning experiences and maximize language acquisition.

Core textbooks, personalized materials and a wide range of resources are used to design these action-oriented classes that target the multiple skills needed to learn English. Consistent assessment and feedback is given to support students in achieving their goals.