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Toronto – Confidence Booster

By Karla del Socorro Bobadilla Islas

I worked as an Auxiliary Administrator in the Government of Campeche, Mexico, but I wanted to change my life and my job. I want to work in administration and change industries. So, I decided to improve my English and made the decision to come to Canada to study English at Eurocentres Toronto.

Before I came to Eurocentres, I made many mistakes and didn’t know a lot of vocabulary and grammar.
When I came to Eurocentres Toronto, I didn’t feel confidence at all about speaking, but now I feel like I can talk even with Canadians. I can understand them and they can understand me. Nowadays I can
keep a conversation with a Canadian or an English speaker in general.

At Eurocentres, I could improve my speaking, reading, listening and especially my vocabulary and idioms which are so useful in the daily life in an English speakers’ country. I studied at Eurocentres Toronto for 11 weeks and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Karla on Toronto’s Lakeshore

Karla on a Visit to the Parliament Buidling in Ottawa

Studying at Eurocentres Toronto helped me to achieve my goals because of the excellent teachers there and the way of teaching. The way of teaching isn’t boring at all and that inspires us to learn English. Each teacher has a different style, but all of them are helpful and give interactive lessons. The teachers in Eurocentres Toronto are so kind and nice. They help you all the time, even outside of the school. They see your weak points and they give you advice to help you to improve those weak points. The way of teaching is interactive and interesting which makes it easy to learn the language. And Eurocentres has small classes. So, it’s even easier to learn.
The staff is there always to help you with a smile in the face. You can approach them with confidence because for sure they will always help you and they will always find a solution to your problem. Or even if you want to just talk, they for sure will do it with a smile.


Karla relaxing in the “O” of a wooden art structure spelling “Toronto”

Eurocentres Toronto has a lot of different social activities and they are always enjoyable and the good thing is that you can meet other students there and have fun at same time. I could never have imagined the number of friends that I could make. All of them are from different countries and cultures. I will say that is the best part of the experience of coming to Eurocentres Toronto. Some of the friends are closer than others but with all of them, you can learn not just English, you can learn about a lot of things! You can learn culture, food, traditions, even geography, a lot of uncountable things and of course, I could learn English from them as well. I never stopped learning different things with my foreign friends. For me, they are my family in Canada. So, you must go and get involved in all the school has to offer us.

I stayed with a Eurocentres Toronto Homestay. I loved my homestay family. They always cared about me and they always made me feel like I was home. They also helped me to improve my speaking and my vocabulary. The food was delicious and the room was comfortable. Until today, I’m still in touch with them.

I definitely recommend Eurocentres Toronto because the staff and teachers are such great people who are always helping you and always taking care of you. They help you make your experience much better and they help you to achieve your goals. Also the school is located in downtown and near to many interesting places and things, and inside the school it is so comfortable and organized.

Now I feel ready for the change.