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Toronto Tree Trimming Tradition

In order to prepare for the holidays, many Canadians like to put up festive decorations. One of the most favourite of these decorations is the Christmas Tree, which is not only a beautiful icon of Christmas but a great time for everyone to get together and show off their special flair.

At Eurocentres Toronto, our students were really excited to see the Christmas tree come out. Without even being prompted, students from all backgrounds volunteered to help decorate our tree. It was unanimously decided that the tree would look wonderful beside the Eurocentres Toronto sign. The students chose to decorate the tree quite tastefully with festive balls and baubles, ribbons and snowflakes, but forgot to put on the lights first. So, getting the lights on after the tree was decorated was a little challenging, but fun nonetheless.

Some students had never participated in decorating a tree before, while others were old hats. Speaking of hats… We even had an elf’s hat which many of the students wanted to try on and take pictures with in front of our decorated tree.

Overall, it was a great experience for all the students and the staff involved. Now whenever any of the students come into the school, they take great pride knowing they made the school a lot merrier and boast to their friends about their contribution. Everyone has taken great delight knowing that they were a part of the Eurocentres Toronto Tree Trimming Tradition. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how much we all enjoy you…