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Get Reading!

Get out and READ!


Spring has arrived in Vancouver, and while temperatures are turning warmer, sunny days are still hard to find.  The term “April showers” is still very prominent at this time, and people continue to grumble that there is nothing to do outside of home.

Check out a used bookstore for great deals on books.

Or is there?

Grab an umbrella and head for the nearest library or bookstore!

Students often struggle with improving their vocabulary, and there is quite possibly no better way to expand it than to get reading.  Academic vocabulary books are good, but they are textbooks and don’t provide any context to words.  Instead, try reading books about things that interest you, with subjects like history, art, outdoors, romance, mysteries, biographies, etc.  There are so many different formats – novels, e-books, magazines…even graphic novels and comics!  Books also come in a range of levels, so ANYONE can find a book to read. 

Go to one of the libraries near you and get a library card so you can start borrowing reading material.  If you want to buy books, you can get new ones at places like Wal-Mart, Chapters, Indigo or Coles, or do a Google search for used bookstores where you can find gently used books for lower prices.  Second-hand thrift stores like Value Village are also excellent places to buy used books.

Remember to take notes

Reading a book that interests you is like getting into a warm bath – you won’t want to leave it!  Before you know it, your boring, rainy day will have turned into a great reading adventure!  But don’t forget that vocabulary!  Keep a pen and notebook nearby to write down new words!