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Global Opportunities: Immigration Seminar at the Toronto Campus

Our Eurocentres Toronto students, particularly those in our Pathways Program and others who would like to become part of the program in order to pursue their post-secondary education in Canada, have had many questions regarding immigration.

Consequently, we invited one of our partners and professionals in immigration and the law to provide an information seminar to all interested students. Immigration consultants from Global Opportunities presented the basic requirements governing immigration and addressed some of our students most pressing questions this past November 8th.

The seminar covered student concerns about extending visas, or changing their status from tourist visas to student visas, the ability to work and get a work permit while studying at their prospective college or university, and becoming permanent residents.

Many received a lot of useful and informative details. Several students stayed behind to ask follow up questions, while others had already started their immigration process. The team from Global Opportunities was very warm and friendly, and every attendee left feeling more confident about their immigration outcomes and goals.

This is what our students had to say:

“It was good. As you know, I want to go to college in Canada and the information they gave was very interesting and helped me understand what I should do next.” Ruth (Mexico)
“I don’t know what is going to happen with me with immigrating, but the information they were very good and they explained the process very well.” Gunal (Turkey)
“I am not interested in moving here because my family is still in Turkey, but it was great to listen to the speakers.” Hamza (Turkey)