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Halloween in Vancouver

This past Friday, Eurocentres Vancouver celebrated Halloween! All of our students and staff got into the spirit of the spooky holiday by dressing up.

The morning had our students creating Halloween-themed skits or activities in their classes to present to the rest of the school. Some of the classes performed funny and spooky skits while others created games to play.

First off was the balloon popping game. All of the students had a balloon tied to their ankle and were put in teams based on the colour of balloon they had. The object of the game: pop the other teams’ balloons!

Some of the other games included musical chairs, improv, three-legged races, and more!
Not to be forgotten are all of the spooky skits our classes put on that told a story about all of the characters the students were dressed up as. From Mexican popstars to evil witches, the stories had it all!

After all of the activities and plays, we had a student costume contest. The costumes were all so amazing that we couldn’t pick just one winner! We ended up with three winners – Cleopatra, a sexy zombie nurse, and a banana. Each winner received a certificate and a gift card.










Next up was the teachers’ costume contest! Our teachers always love getting into the spirit of Halloween and competing with each other for the best costume. After an intense contest judged by the students along with a dance off, we had our winner! Check out our resident zombie and this year’s best teacher costume:

Finally, some of our students participated in pumpkin carving – a very popular North American tradition at Halloween. After cleaning out the goopy insides of the pumpkins, students got to work carving faces into them. We were very impressed with what our students came up with! Once they were all finished, we put some tea lights inside and turned out the lights.

















All in all, we had a great Halloween celebration here at Eurocentres Vancouver.

From our family to yours, we’d like to wish you a Happy Halloween!!