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Healthy times in Vancouver

Teachers enjoying a casual day to support charity.

At Eurocentres Vancouver we are always interested in joining in events with the local community. Students and teachers all enjoy activities which connect us and help the city.

This week, the teachers dressed in jeans for one day only to raise money for the local children’s hospital. The Children’s Hospital has been open for 28 years and helped thousands of children and families, but it is just one of a wide range of modern, efficient healthcare options.

In the heart of downtown is St. Paul’s hospital. Founded in 1894, this hospital is almost as old as the city of Vancouver itself. However, a lot has changed since the first building was opened. Back then, the building was built of wood and there were 25 beds. The building has been rebuilt several times since then and is now a very modern facility.

St Paul’s Hospital in Downtown Vancouver

Taking care of yourself is easy in Vancouver. All around the city, you can find walk-in clinics. These are doctor’s offices where you can go without making an appointment to get help. Waiting times are usually short and there are even doctors who speak different languages – Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and others.

One of the keys to good health is exercise and here in Vancouver you can find a lot of wonderful ways to exercise. Try visiting one of the many yoga studios or head up to the mountains for a hike through breathtaking scenery. Swim in the ocean or mountain lakes, or visit the beautiful Kitsilano Swimming Pool, opening this year after extensive renovations.

Beautiful Kitsilano Pool