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Making the dream of studying abroad come true…

Every week new students arrive and existing students leave.  Over the course of their time with us, from 1 week to over 1 year, we can be sure the bonds of friendship grow deep through the shared experiences they have with one another, our school and our beautiful city.  So many stories have begun and flourished by taking the first steps to making the dream of studying abroad come true.

For many of our students, the first steps to fulfilling that English dream is travel.  Coming to Canada -or any English (and French) speaking country can be daunting.  Luckily, we are all in the experience together and the quest to improve one’s English language skills are the very common element that brings a community together.  We have seen students overcome their fear of using English, including expressing themselves, starting new friendships and living in an English-speaking environment!  Their growth and progress would not be possible without taking those first steps of realizing the possibilities and it is even more enjoyable with others on the same journey.

Social media has been a wonderful in sustaining new friendships (and a great marketing tool to boot!).  Check out our Facebook and Instagram to get relive memories or if you’re coming to study with us, see what your future holds!  Cheers to all the good friends