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New Vancouver Pathway Partner

We are happy announce that we have become partners with Corpus Christi college!

Corpus Christi is a two-year liberal arts college located on UBC’s campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The college offers smaller classes and individualized attention from advisors to ensure the successful transition into a university program while having the advantage of utilizing all of UBC’s facilities on campus. Corpus Christi is more than a college, it is a community dedicated to providing their students with the best start to their University education. Students can also graduate from Corpus Christi with a 2 year diploma program, apply for a post-graduation work permit, and potentially immigrate to Canada if they desire.

Corpus Christi offers programs in arts, business, science, digital media and more.

This is a very important new partner to have because it will also open the doors to transfer directly into UBC but also into most Colleges and Universities across Canada!