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October 11th: A memorable Day

Thanksgiving dinner 2019

This Friday was truly a special day at Oxford International Toronto. With Thanksgiving weekend arriving, the students and staff got together and shared food, drinks, and desserts, in a schoolwide feast.

Since the school has people from so many different countries, everyone had the opportunity to sample and enjoy dishes and desserts from all over the world. In fact, the food looked so good on the tables, that some students even rushed to the nearest grocery store to get something for everyone else, so that they could participate and eat everything they could get their hands on!

I was particularly impressed by the level of effort some students put into what they brought. One student, who has never cooked anything in her life, called her mother back home to get instructions on how to make her favourite dish! Another student figured out how to bake brownies by himself!

Even some of our fantastic hosts, who give students such a wonderful experience as a part of our Homestay Program, came in and contributed some delicious meals.

Moments like these really demonstrate the community that exists in the school, and remind us all to be thankful for the relationships we form with the people around us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner