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Park SD


As great as our location is, when we moved into the new school last year, there was a good deal of construction across the street, with promises to build a park…eventually.  Well guess what!  Last month, the park finally opened, and it is just an amazing thing to have right across from us.  The park has a huge amphitheater, fountain, coffee shops, ice cream shops, games, and will host events all the time.  Opening night was especially amazing…read on to find out what happened!


We knew there was going to be a concert the night the park opened, so we came back to the school to watch.  There were tons of people, food trucks, games…just a really festive atmosphere.  First, a couple of local groups played…it was just ok.  But then, the main act took the stage:  William Close and the Earth Harp Collective.  I highly recommend you go and find a video on Youtube or on his website.  He is a former finalist on America’s Got Talent and he plays a very unique instrument called an ‘Earth Harp.’  It’s basically strings that go from the stage out over the audience which he plays like a violin.  Very cool.


But the best part…we went up onto the school rooftop patio to watch the end of the concert and eat great food.  The concert ended, and we were about to leave, when all of a sudden fireworks started to go off from the top of the building behind the stage.  It was really one of the best fireworks shows I’ve ever seen, and it was right across from us!


These days, it’s pretty great to look out the window of our classrooms and see this lovely park and all the activity.  A great place to take a break, a great place to meet locals, really a wonderful addition to our location here in San Diego!