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Potluck Lunch at the Toronto Campus

A Potluck lunch is not only a great excuse to feast on some delicious food, but for Eurocentres Toronto students, it is the opportunity to try different dishes from all over the world.

Whenever we host a potluck lunch, students get excited just imagining some of the food they might have the opportunity to try. This time, many students started planning what they wanted to bring from the moment they heard the news. Even the staff members were discussing what kind of food they wanted to bring. Everyone was excited.









As soon as graduation ended, students ran to get their dishes of food and set up in the room. Even before everything was ready, people started grabbing plates and lining up for food. One of the great things about our students is that they love to talk (in English, of course) and are very inclusive to the students. As students grabbed their food, they all sat down together and enjoyed a nice meal. There was a lot of discussion in the air, and people were discussing the different types of desserts around the world. One of our students, Thais from Brazil, went to the staff members and personally asked them to try her carrot cake.

It was a nice sight to see that our students were all sitting together. It almost felt like watching a family picnic.

Finally, many of the students worked together to help us clean up. In no time, the room was back to being as it was. Everyone went to their afternoon classes happy and very full of food.