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Potluck Lunch – a Favourite Activity

Potluck is a favourite activity for students and staff at Eurocentres Toronto. It involves everyone bringing and sharing food from their home country. It is always a special treat to try something that your friends or teachers have made.

On Friday, November 10th, there were delicious dishes, sweet and savory prepared by budding chefs from around the world!

One of the unique items was prepared by Josef who is from Austria. He made a delicious spicy cheese spread known as Liptauer and served it on a flavourful black rye bread he baked himself. Mmm…. There was enough to go around and several of the staff asked if he could bake more bread before he returns to Tyrol; the province of his birth.

For curry lovers, the teachers and staff of Eurocentres Toronto bought many types of curries and rice. There was lamb korma, butter chicken, eggplant bharta, paner saag and chicken biriyani. We also had a very delicious Japanese curry from Victor’s class. These rich, spicy, and heart-warming dishes were welcomed on this first cold day of the year.

Essa brought two delicacies from Saudi Arabia: stuffed vine leaves and lamb kebabs. These did not last long and were a big hit!

Andrea made traditional Colombian arepas. There was also miso soup and rice balls from Japan, and a Peruvian quinoa dish.

On the dessert menu, we indulged in Japanese sweets and chocolate, a Mexican lemon pie, and Brazilian Brigaderos.

The best part of lunch was listening to students describe the preparation of the dishes and see the smiles on everyone’s face.

Bon Appetite. We can’t wait for the next potluck. Stay tuned!