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Raving Review about our Junior Program in San Diego

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Dear Justin,

Sorry for not writing earlier. I do apologize sincerely for the delay in answering your email. This MILLION-THANKS-LETTER should have been sent two months ago. 

It was my second trip to San Diego but I understand that I saw and experienced little during my first stay. This year I have had such a comfortable and easygoing stay with the kids (I do not mean LA). I can only guess how much work and care were invested into the project. The kids met their parents at the airport with the words – THAT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER! That was the praise from the teens who are in the habit of spending their holidays somewhere in the MEDITERRANEAN at five-star hotels where it would never occur to them to get up at six o’clock in the morning in the summer in order to have breakfast and classes in time. They loved the campus, the dorms (modern, clean), they enjoyed the classes very much.  The kids were absolutely dumbstruck by the comic-con, found the beaches and the Zoo and shopping entertaining. Whatever the day we would recollect in San Diego it would be an active sunny day with caring and helpful staff, the day filled  with positive emotions and various activities. The kids, their parents, Roma and I are very thankful for the atmosphere of a holiday with a difference which you and your people created for us. Roma and I especially appreciate your friendliness, flexibility, understanding, your help and support. Thank you very much.

With best wishes,