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Returning to Canada for a Toronto student was as great the second time as it was the first.


Daniel playing the guitar in 2012


Daniel was in his sixth semester at Monterrey University studying Industrial Design when he decided that he would need English to really make headway in his profession. And so, during a semester break instead of returning home to Mexico City to be with family or partying with friends, he registered at Eurocentres Toronto to improve his language skills. That was in 2012.

Daniel admits that he was really homesick and suffering somewhat from culture shock at the time.  He was in a Eurocentres homestay, but missed his native food and spent the first couple of days after classes in bed.

Then, his teacher said something that resonated with him. She said everyone must try to do his or her best. By speaking and making mistakes, you will improve. It is not enough to know how to operate a car and to know the rules of the road. At some point, you must get behind the wheel, start the ignition and practice what you have learned. And so, he began his journey.

Improving English skills helped him with getting a good job. He graduated as an Industrial Designer, and is working for a Mexican company that specializes in Product Development for a U.S. firm.

Daniel went to all the points of interest; Niagara Falls, the great night life, street festivals, attended a baseball game, found a practice hockey game to see and went with Byron, our Director of Studies now, to see a Formula 1 practice race.   He had wonderful things to say about Canadians about how welcoming, accepting, progressive and technologically advanced the society is. Daniel is now thinking about coming to study at college and doing a Business diploma or certificate course.

“I loved this city and had to return on my vacation,” he said. When I asked Daniel if he has any words of wisdom for current and future students,  he replied, “Make the most of this once in a lifetime experience.  Get over your homesickness and culture shock by getting involved.”  He returned to experience a Canadian winter and was so excited to see a snowfall this past weekend. “I came back to Canada,” he said, “because of my fabulous experiences when I was a Eurocentres student.  Now I am travelling around the country to see which city I want to study at.”  It was lovely to see Daniel again and we hope he comes back to Toronto permanently!


Daniel at Eurocentres Toronto in 2018