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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most famous natural beauties in the world for a good reason! Some of our junior students this summer took a trip traveling through the mountains all the way from Vancouver to Banff.
Banff is one of the most famous mountain town in the Canadian Rockies – famous for its ski resort, hot springs, and the main strip in the town. The main strip is a great place to try out some Canadian foods (poutines, beaver tails, and maple fudge!) and stock up on Canadian souvenirs!

The views throughout the whole drive will take your breath away. Keep an eye peeled because you never know when you might see some mountain goats, moose, deer, or even bears along the side of the road! Our students had a great time checking out the incredible mountains and the beautifully blue lakes. The tour stops at many of the top destinations through the mountains, such as Morraine Lake and Lake Louise. Students even took the plunge and did the polar bear swim – nothing says Canada quite like jumping into a lake of glacier water!












One of our groups from Mexico showing Canada, and each other, some love!


Check out how blue that water is!


Our brave students from Brazil post-polar bear swim! You haven’t felt cold until you’ve jumped in this water!