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The San Diego Zoo


The San Diego Zoo, located in the famous Balboa Park, is a must-see attraction. It houses over 3,700 animals and provides a great full-day adventure for everyone. You can spend the day walking through a tropical oasis with animals like gorillas, tigers, flamingos, polar bears, elephants and more. They have special exhibits like the Australian Outback where they have more than 25 koalas. Also, the famous Panda Trek allows you to visit the giant pandas in their bamboo habitats.

The San Diego zoo trip is offered one time every month at our school in San Diego with tickets offered at more than half the price! Students have enjoyed attending the zoo each month and are usually amazed by the beauty and uniqueness.

For students who want a more hands-on experience, the San Diego Safari Park is a wonderful option. The Safari Park has herds of animals roaming free in a large reserve in norther San Diego. You can view the park by caravan truck, cart or even spend the night in the park.