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Take Care

As the long-awaited winter blast of sub-zero temperatures hit the Vancouver area this past week, we are reminded that the number of students (and teachers!) affected by flu and cold viruses may increase.  Other than washing your hands frequently, here are some other tips to stay healthy:

Dress warmly

Watch the weather forecast and be prepared.  Remember – sunny weather during the winter in Vancouver means COLD, not “Put on your T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.”

Dress warmly.  Cold temperatures make your body work harder to stay warm.

Wash your hands regularly

Eat regularly, and don’t skip meals (especially breakfast).

Get lots of rest. If you stay out late, make sure you still get your regular number of sleeping hours.  You can get sick much easier when you are tired.

Be careful about how much alcohol you drink.  Alcohol dehydrates your body (an academic way of saying YOUR BODY LOSES WATER).

Take vitamin supplements and keep hydrated (an academic way of saying DRINK LOTS OF WATER).

Take care!

Drink lots of liquids