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A Testimonial – Andrea Di Tillo

How Studying English Changed My Life
By: Andrea Di Tillo

Toronto Eurocentres changed my life and helped me achieve my goals. Studying there led me to have more confidence in myself. In fact, I have been able to relate to different cultures through the use of English. This was definitely an important step in my life. I work in my family’s hotel in Roma as a Front Office Receptionist, and one day I will own my own hotels.

Before going to Eurocentres Toronto, my English was not good. I studied English in Toronto for 5 months. I had the opportunity to learn new words and be good in grammar by practicing better in various classroom exercises. I think I’ve become a better person because of it. I’ve been able to be more myself and know people (professors and staff) who have helped me improve day by day.

The professionalism and sympathy of the professors helped me not to be shy. Definitely one thing I learned at Eurocentres Toronto was to listen and store information. It is very important for my job.

As far as the school is concerned, Eurocentres is made up of staff who are not only a team of teachers, but much more. They are passionate in what they do and say and I could feel this from the very first day of school. This feeling helps you study and learn.

I was lucky to do different activities with the school. One of the most exciting was certainly the canoe trip with professor Byron and part of my class! I met people of every type and origin. With many of them, we often write to one another and others have come to see me when they came to Italy. Even after years, it is always a pleasure to hear from them and to remember together the good times we spent at Eurocentres Toronto.

I decided to be a guest for 5 months in the hostel behind the school, the Canadian Backpackers which unfortunately just recently closed forever. My experience was particular, but not unique. The experience was wonderful. In addition to having met so many young friends, I lived in Toronto as a true student. Dinners between friends, parties, walks around the city and even a trip out from Toronto! This experience helped me because I could see how Canadians are with foreign students and foreign people.

I can only recommend Eurocentres Toronto based on my personal experience. The staff and professors will be available to help you and understand your needs at any time.
In my own way, I had the opportunity to be part of a big family and for an Italian guy that’s a real fortune!

Ciao! :)