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The inaugural, annual OWL awards!

The Owls waiting to go home with the winners

This month the glitz and glamour of the award season has hit Oxford International Vancouver and we are celebrating with our very own awards, The OWLS! Every student in the school gets the chance to vote in this secret ballot, so all they have to do is go through the 10 different categories and choose a student or staff member they know that they think fits the description. The following are the ten different categories and the winners!

Some of the winners

1. The staff member with the best hair:  Shummy Kular

2. The student you’d most like to be stuck with on a deserted island: Lola Vermont

 3. The funniest person in the school: Mathew Malone

 4. The student who has done the most in Canada / The been-there, done-that student: Giulai Zanrosso

 5. The student most in love with their cell phone: Maria Eduarda Prini Rossetti

6. The staff member with the nicest voice: Claire Kantowicz

7. The most helpful staff member award: Daniel Hudson

8. The student most likely to become leader of their country: Terrence Chung Yan Lo

9. The person in the school most likely to set a world record, good or bad: Eric Chung Hoon Shin

10. The student who knows where the party’s at: Gabriel Phelipe de Macedo