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Timbit Celebration

The first week of May has been rainy and grey, but to celebrate the coming of spring and in anticipation of our renovation and expansion of our school, students and staff at Eurocentres Toronto were surprised by a special Timbit celebration.

At the 20 minute break, students left their classrooms to find hundreds of Timbits waiting for them in the student lounge. The doughnuts were a wonderful treat after stimulating English classes about prepositions and gerunds, discussions and presentations, reading, writing and listening exercises and IELTS preparation. The delight was visible on everyone’s faces.

The lounge instantly filled with the sounds of happy students gathering to devour the treats, trying to guess the flavours and sharing bites of different kinds with their friends. Even the teachers joined in for the fun, fighting over the last of the chocolate Timbits; everyone’s favourite. A wonderful way to unite.

This surprise celebration was also a thank you to everyone for their patience while Eurocentres Toronto is under renovations.  Nothing is as Canadian as those sweet and delicious bite-sized  Timbit. With the sugary sweetness still in our mouths, we are all looking forward to the beginnings of warmer days, and the satisfaction and excitement could be felt around the school as classes resumed.

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