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Toronto Christmas Market

Throughout the months of November and December, our students had the pleasure of visiting Toronto’s renowned Christmas Market. Held in the historic distillery district of Toronto, the market is an annual event that hosts people from all around the world looking to celebrate with lots of Christmas cheer. They were welcomed by the “Massive Christmas Tree”, magical Christmas lighting, Santa’s house and the heart of Christmas. Our students accompanied Mateen, one of their favourite teachers, to this event to join the festive celebrations. Afterwards, our students’ minds and social media accounts were filled with these festive and iconic figures. Rumour has it that one of our students even got to get a peek at Santa’s reindeer. The Toronto Christmas Market is the best and most iconic way to celebrate the Christmas season as a Torontonian. Even though the Christmas holidays are over, the festive cheer and energy still runs through the bodies of all Torontonians. We hope that this energy will help us start the new year with positivity and motivation to keep up with those 2019 resolutions!

Christmas Market Fun