Toronto’s Welcome Party

In order to introduce our new students to Toronto and celebrate their arrival, Eurocentres Toronto hosts a welcome party every first Friday of the month. This month, the party was held at The Dime Toronto which is a restaurant owned by the Canadian Warehouse Group. The Warehouse Group is a collection of restaurants that were first established in Vancouver. The restaurants are found under many names such as The Warehouse, The Dime and El Furniture with each having its own menu and flare. The best aspect of these restaurants is that all food is priced at $5.95. At 3pm on October 5, many of our students made their way to the restaurant. They were enamoured by the Canadian bar ambiance and chic décor. One of the highlights of the Dime is the table that is encased with thousands of dimes, which we guess holds over $300. Our students had the opportunity to meet with new and returning classmates and practice their English outside of a classroom environment. It gave the opportunity for graduating students to say their goodbyes and for our new students to join the Eurocentres community. This opportunity not only allowed them to make long-lasting memories, but it allowed our students to apply their knowledge from their classes in a very traditional Canadian manner.