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Ugly Sweater Party at the Toronto Campus

ugly 1 ugly sweater

Today, in Eurocentres Toronto we have a little dusting of snow.  It is getting colder and our Christmas tree and decorations look great! Special thanks to all the students who decorated our school for the holidays. We celebrated the upcoming holiday season by holding our Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater competition and Christmas pot luck together. Students and staff also brought food donations for charities so less fortunate families can have a little something, too.  Remember to donate to your local food bank this year and every year.

Teachers and students participated in the ugly sweater event by buying or doing a little DIY (Do It Yourself) to make their own hideous sweater. For the second year in a row, teacher Dennis Lawson won first prize for his hilariously ugly homemade Santa Claus sweater! Exams Coordinator, John Kalapodis also took home a prize for his homemade ugly sweater. Panama student Jiniliz Moran made her ugly sweater with REAL Christmas lights. We had a great pot luck with lots of delicious food.  Happy holidays from Eurocentres Toronto!